There are some medical conditions as to why treatment may not be given, why treatment may need adjusting on a localised area, or why treatment may only be given after you have sought advice from your G.P.  

If you are receiving current medical treatment from your doctor for a medical condition it is advisable to obtain his or her advice before having any complementary therapies to ask if there is a reason why you may not go ahead.   

Unexplained and Undiagnosed Symptoms, illness and high risk conditions

There are some circumstances when it is not safe to proceed with treatment, either for your safety or mine.  Sometimes my clients need a medical health check up before coming to see me and the first port of call is your GP. Sometimes the reason we are feeling unwell is that we have a physiological issue – for example, low haemoglobin, blood sugar or thyroid, problems with blood pressure etc.  In this situation then I will ask you to please consult your GP first.

Examples include symptoms such as:

  • constant pain (this is when pain is unrelenting and does not seem to go away even when changing position by lying down)

  • unexplained weight loss 

  • unexplained exhaustion or tiredness

  • frequent digestive tract problems such as an upset stomach or bowels

  • a suspected DVT

  • severe headaches

  • unexplained lumps and/or swellings

  • lesions and/or sores

  • numbness/tingling

  • unexplained chest or bilateral limb pain


If in doubt, check it out!  It may be nothing but always better safe than sorry.

Please see my Covid19 page on guidance around symptoms such as headache, fever and a cough.


Reflexology example contraindications include (as well as the ones above):
Infectious conditions including verrucas, tinea pedis (Athlete’s Foot), impetigo or lice;  need to wait until they have cleared up (please visit GP or pharmacist for advice)
Pregnancy - although reflexology is considered safe and there is no scientific evidence to show that it may be harmful if you believe that you may be pregnant please inform me.

Recent cortisone injection in the treatment area (needs to leave around 8 weeks). 

Massage/IHM/Aromatherapy example contraindications include:
Head lice (and other parasites), infectious/contagious conditions (e.g. cold sores), open wounds or major bruising in treatment region, current migraine, current fever, acute inflammation  - therapy can only commence when these have been cleared.
Cancers (particularly bone/lymph), epilepsy, allergies, diabetes, thyroid issues, epilepsy, heart condition, osteoporosis, arthritis, gout,  recent surgery, broken bones, fractures, major injuries, including head or upper torso/spine including whiplash (+ a few others including severe varicose veins) - these will need advice from your G.P./specialist before and I will require you to sign a further consent form stating that you have sought advice that there is no reason not to go ahead.
Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots) /Phlebitis/Stroke/Post Heart-attack - due to the risk of moving blood clots or infection reflexology and massage is not suitable without GP advice.

Recent cortisone injection/surgery in the treatment area (needs to leave around 8 weeks and may need medical advice from consultant). 

Pregnancy Massage example contraindications (as well as the above) include:
Pre-eclampsia, thrombosis, placenta previa, current uterine bleeding, high risk pregnancy, gestational diabetes, unexplained  continuous abdominal pains, redness/heat/pain in legs, current high temperature
Please seek medical advice from your midwife, specialist or GP before having a Pregnancy Massage to ensure there is no reason for massage not to go ahead.

Ear Candling example contraindications include:
Grommets/cochlear implants - not suitable 
Infectious conditions or inflammation in the ear area 
Pregnancy - it is not adviseable to have ear candling during the first trimester 
Head lice, infectious/contagious conditions (e.g. cold sores), open wounds or major bruising in treatment region, current migraine - treatment can only commence when these have been cleared up.


The medical advice for vaccines is it is NOT advisable to receive a treatment for 48 hours after you have received a Covid vaccination.  As I have seen people who have experienced adverse effects for a week after vaccines I am erring on the side of caution and asking people not to book in until a week has passed.