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Alexa says she likes me...not sure she does

Updated: May 24

At the clinic we have music that can accompany your therapy sessions whether massage or reflexology. However, sometimes Alexa has misbehaved (I have a feeling she sometimes sneaks a glass of vodka before I get to the clinic) and will on occasion play rainforest birdsong on a random basis or has been known to randomly switch to thumping dance music mid session.

We do not know why. However, when I have asked Alexa if she likes me she has insisted she has by playing a song about being my friend! I try very hard to believe her; I think she may be into partying though rather than relaxing.

I apologise now if Alexa ever misbehaves when you are in clinic. I do try to get her back under control and playing the right music but at present she seems to pretend not to listen particularly well when I am wearing my facemask.

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