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October Halloween Fun Treats

Fun homemade treats for this time of year are:

Spooky bananas - chop the bananas in half and stand up the halves and place either chocolate chips or nuts or raisins as eyes. You can also put a lolly pop stick into these and then freeze them for an hour.

Mandarin Jack O Lanterns - peel mandarin oranges and place a sliver of celery as a stalk in the top.

Chompy Apple Faces - slice some apples into wedges. Using two wedges make a mouth shape (place them horizontally) and spread the space between with some nut butter to act like a glue and then use sunflower or pumpkin seeds as teeth. You can use either cake decoration eyes on the top apple slice or use some nut butter again and make two blobs to stick raisins on as eyes.

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