Hands On In Person Holistic Therapies 

New Client Massage Therapy/Reflexology Initial Consultation (phone)  - 15-30 minutes - FREE

Before having your in person appointment we will need to have a consultation going through your intake form with your health history and will cover questions relating to your health and lifestyle including any allergies, medications or medical conditions, your hydration habits, stress levels, exercise, whether you smoke, how your sleep is and any treatment or surgeries you have had. These all impact on your overall health and the intake allows me to plan your holistic care.  

From this we will arrange your in person therapy appointment (50 minutes).
Please call 07423 019459 at the time of your appointment. 

Massage Therapy appointment (50 minutes) £55 New Client/£50 follow up

Reflexology appointment (50 minutes) - £55 New Client/£50 follow up

Balance & Restore Back Massage (50 minutes) - £55 new client/£50 follow up

New Client Repro Reflex Couples first appointment (via phone/Zoom) 90 minutes - £30 (special offer until my student case studies completed)

This includes a very detailed consultation which will be focused on your general health history, your diet, your lifestyle habits and your reproductive health and wellbeing.  
You will also receive nutritional and lifestyle homework to do including stress management tips, fertility tracking advice (if trying to conceive) and your reflexology treatment will be planned from this.  Appointments thereafter will be as above for reflexology in person and need to consist of 6 x weekly treatments for at least one partner.
For natural conception support it is best if both partners in the couple can be present.  Please note at present this service is not for those undergoing IVF.

Coaching & Online Therapies

At present these are all delivered by Zoom or phone

Coaching - initial conversation - FREE


New Client Health Coaching Discovery session (60- 90 minutes) - £75

Health Coaching individual session (55 minutes) - £65

Relax Into Colour Therapy (50 minutes) - £45 single session or £70 for a course of two

Walk & Talk Health Coaching session - £75 (only available April - September)

Coaching Programs 

Discovery session will need to have taken place before these commence.

2 Month Program

5 sessions - £285


2 payments of £150 each, every 4 weeks

3 Month Program

11 sessions  if paid in full prior to beginning - £600

- or -

 - 3 payments of £220 each, every 4 weeks