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Clinic Policies & Terms and Conditions

By booking an appointment you agree to the following.

Cancellations/No Shows/Lateness

A strict 48 hours cancellation policy is in place.   

  • Please arrive on time, 5 minutes before your appointment.  

  • If you arrive too early I will not be able to let you in as I may be in with other patients and there are other practitioners who will also be in with their own patients. 

  • If you cancel or do not show up the full fee is due still and if you are using a gift voucher this will be considered VOID. 

  • If you are late then the original finishing time is when your appointment will finish and you will be required to pay for the full time of the original booking.   I  have other patients due or other practitioners are waiting for the room so I need to vacate it plus I get charged for extra room hire.

  • I need to ensure a gap between patients/clients to clean and disinfect. 

  • If you require longer please inform me at the time of booking and upgrade to a longer treatment time.  

  • Car parking spaces are strictly allocated for patients attending appointments.

By booking you are effectively holding an appointment in my diary that could be used for other patients.

The only exception is for covid, for serious infectious/contagious conditions or a medical emergency - please call 07423 019459 as soon as possible to inform me (I do not have access to email on clinic days).

Your In Person Appointment

  • Please wash your hands on entry.  You will be able to use either the hand sanitiser in reception or to wash your hands with soap and water in the washroom. 

  • Please turn off your mobile phone in the clinic or have it on silent mode so you can fully focus and so it will not disturb other practitioners and patients.

  • Please speak quietly in the clinic as there are other practitioners.

What to bring:

  • Face masks are optional.  Please bring your own mask or face covering if you wish to wear one.

  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothing so you can easily get changed for massage or so I can easily access your feet for reflexology.

  • Please have several layers of clothing with you on cooler days.  The room is well ventilated due to covid so you may feel cooler although there is heating and I provide blankets.

  • You may wish to bring a comb (there is a mirror in the washroom) to neaten your hair after a treatment.

  • Please have your asthma, allergy and/or other medication you may need in an emergency with you in case it is needed.  


At the end of the session

  • You will receive aftercare advice

  • You will be asked to sign a form relating to the session.

  • Please gather your belongings from the box in the room after treatment.


Payment of fees are due on booking to secure your appointment or at the time of your appointment.  

I accept payment by:

  • Cash (please bring exact amount in an envelope as I do not carry change)

  • direct transfer by BACS to bank account 

You will be issued with a receipt.  

Booked consecutively means booked and paid up front.  Please note I do not offer credit.

Online/Remote Services
  • Please ensure you look for the email with the Zoom contact and time details on. 

  • Connect and call at the designated time.

  • If you have any difficulties connecting at your appointment time please call me by phone on +44 7423 019459


These are to be paid up front and to be used consecutively within 10 weeks.  They are non transferable.  if you change your mind or cannot continue with a course of treatment you will be refunded any unused sessions minus the package discount, so the sessions used would revert to single sessions or a shorter course pricing, as applicable.

Exceptions at my discretion will be made for illness and medical emergencies of yourself or a dependent family member.

My Right to Cancel

I reserve my right to cancel an appointment.  I will endeavour to do so with 24 hours of notice but on occasion e.g. due to a medical emergency or illness may need to cancel at short notice and in particular with covid19 if I feel unwell I will need to cancel. A new appointment will be offered if possible and if not then a refund will be given for that particular appointment if payment has already been received. At times I may be late due to unforeseen circumstances but will aim to contact you as soon as is possible to inform you or rearrange your treatment session.

Please note:

  • I have the right to refuse to treat a client

  • My scope of practice is as a certified and qualified holistic complementary therapist and health coach 

  • I am not able to diagnose nor prescribe and am not a qualified medical practitioner nor a registered dietician

  • I massage male clients through personal referrals only

  • Any inappropriate behaviour by enquirers and/or clients will result in the treatment being ceased and my policy is to refer to the police if necessary.  Complementary therapists deserve to be treated in accordance with their training and any abusive or unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Please note receipts can be issued after payment has been received.  If you require it to submit to a healthcare cash plan I can and will not write different information on - neither the recipient nor the therapy given can be altered.  It is up to you before your appointment to check what your coverage provides for.

Please note I reserve the right to change my prices and terms and conditions at any time but in accordance with UK law will inform you before the treatment commences.

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