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Aromatherapy Oil

Massage Therapy

Ease tension,  increase flexibility and help reduce muscular pain and stress. Focus areas can be treated to remediate soft tissue problems.

Shoulder Massage

Balance & Restore Back Massage

A session focused on your back, neck and shoulders designed to relieve stress in these areas.  High stress as well as working at a desk can both contribute to tension in your back so this treatment is designed to leave you feeling more relaxed (and at ease) as you go about your busy day.



By special work on the reflexes of the feet (or hands) this encourages the body to restore its own balance and brings about deep relaxation and wellbeing. 

Hand Massage

Specialist Reflexology 

This non-invasive treatment which helps with relaxation and stress management can also assist in particular stages in life including pre and postnatally and support couples on their journey to conceive naturally.

Dragon Fruit

Health Coaching

Health coaching is a process in which the coachee is educated and supported  to cultivate positive health choices so that they can achieve their goals through lifestyle and behaviour changes. 

Healthy Salad

Wellness Programs

Receive support and mindset mentoring to optimise your health through individualised food and lifestyle changes that meet your own unique needs and wellness goals.

Colour Therapy Silks.jpg

Colour Therapy

Gentle yet potent therapy that works to bring the body, mind and spirit back into balance, help with relaxation and improve wellbeing. 

Pink Blossom

Stress Management

Mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and gratitude practices alongside complementary therapies can all help with this.