Elizabeth Plant DipVTCT, MSAnat Jing, PTTLLS, MAR, MIAHC

Certified Massage Therapist | Certified Reflexologist | Certified Aromatherapist
Certified Healthy Eating Advisor & Health Coach |Certified Crystal & Colour Therapist

​I am driven by my passion to help you so that you can achieve your own dreams and live a healthier life.  I work with a holistic model, that takes into account the factors for health that includes mind, body and spirit and the biopsychosocial model.


My own experiences with my own health enable me to serve my clients better. I have investigated many complementary and allied healthcare approaches. My clients receive alongside bodywork therapies, relaxation techniques, an emphasis on whole foods nourishment and creating time for healthy habits that improve your personal wellbeing. 

​Thanks to the therapists and coaches who helped me deal with my own health issues I was inspired to start my own practice in 2010 after graduating in from a two-year diploma in complementary therapies.  Then in 2014 I graduated in holistic health coaching. Before moving back to Cheshire, England I was located near the West Sussex coast and worked from several venues there including at the Hamblin Trust and Oldwick Therapy Centre plus my little cottage.  As of August 2020 I have been working at a multi disciplinary health clinic called Core Wellbeing in Mobberley, Cheshire.

Experience to date includes:
  • motherhood which started in 2001 with a beautiful homebirth.  This was my journey into learning even more about nutrition, natural/attachment/gentle parenting as we co-slept and I breastfed my daughter through infancy and into early childhood.

  • Parenting has been my best job ever that was miraculous and gave me so much.  It has given me an understanding of the impact that juggling family and work has in relation to self care, our sense of identity, the raw emotions we feel and the difficulties that we experience living in the modern world at odds with our instincts.

  • reading the first year of a Speech and Language Therapy/Psychology degree, taking modules in anatomy, physiology, developmental psychology and linguistics and working as a speech and language therapy assistant in mainstream and SEN settings.

  • working as a personal assistant and book editor, both of which led me to a better understanding of working environments and their often detrimental effect on general health. I've worked for a major global bank, big media corporations, developers, law firms, council departments and a medical training company.

  • retraining in my thirties as a complementary therapist and understanding the roles that massage therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology and nutrition have to manage pain and stress as well as how to juggle career changes with family life

  • teaching small groups at holistic workshops

  • experiencing my own journey with ME, PMS, tempero-mandibular joint syndrome, anaemia, HG level morning sickness, IBS and learning how to manage these challenging conditions using whole foods and holistic health awareness of herbs, nutrition and bodywork.


About Me (fun stuff!):
  • My childhood summers were spent visiting my grandparents in Austria, a culture different to the rest of my year.  I have lovely memories of visiting naturopathic health spas, staying on alpine farms, hearing cow bells, feeding baby swallows that had fallen out of nests, climbing trees for apricots, picking fresh walnuts and drinking fresh-made raspberry juice (himbeersaft).

  • I value nature - being out amongst trees and observing wildlife is my happy place.       

  • I home educated my daughter until she was 9 years old (using pedagogical approaches such as Steiner Waldorf and Montessori) which gave me deeper insights into raising a child and living in a holistic and healthier way.  My daughter is now following her own dreams in animal sciences.

  • I have been published as a book reviewer (New Vision, White Dragon) and have ghostwritten over a dozen books (in the alternative health field and included astrology and music).  I have had several articles featured at Body Mind Institute and also written health-based e-books.

  • My mum was a paediatric nurse.  She was the go to person on if any of the neighbourhood children had a cut or scrape and always ready with antiseptic and plasters.  As she is Austrian she knows a lot about naturopathic approaches as the Austrian healthcare system, where she originally trained, is more holistic; that had a great influence on me.

  • My family members include a dog and one bantam hen as well as a hamster and a praying mantis.

  • I love walking,  gentle yoga, watching wildlife, gardening with herbs and foraging in hedgerows.  

  • I am a fan of fantasy and science fiction including Star Trek, StarWars and The Lord of the Rings (Counsellor Troi and Dr Crusher  were some of my earliest heroes) and love Dungeons and Dragons.

  • I am an INFJ in terms of Myers-Briggs personality type. My Gallup Strengths Finder top 5 include Learner and Developer.

  • I have a passion for creating nourishing but simple home-cooked food including raw chocolates and soup.

  • I believe that a healthy rhythm in life is essential - work hard yes, and play well too.  

  • I can play a full drumkit and have been out on the road photographing and filming bands.


Qualifications and Training:

Please note all my full qualification courses were 1-2 years long each and included clinical supervision and case studies.   I studied Anatomy & Physiology at the College of Osteopaths and also at Manchester Medical School via MMU, when I read Speech and Language Pathology (1997-98), and have  A levels in English, Biology and Psychology.

I have been fortunate to train with renowned therapists, authors, lecturers and teachers such as Rachel Fairweather, Meghan Mari, Kasia Robertson, Fiona Serle, Sue Ingram, Mary Atkinson, Joshua Rosenthal, Hagar Basis and Tony Porter. Thank you to all my teachers for being so inspiring!  


College of Osteopaths, Stoke campus

  • Soft Tissue Manual Therapy 1 certificate 2016

  • Completed Year 1 of 5-year MOst degree

Jing Institute of Advanced Clinical Massage, Brighton

Continuing Professional Development:

  • Shoulder Girdle Anatomy Workshop - 2009

  • Introduction to Advanced Clinical Massage - 2009

  • Hot Stones Workshop - 2009

  • Jing Method: Scar Work - 2020

  • Eyal Lederman - Functional Exercise Prescription - How to Exercise without the Gym - 2022

Jing Certificates in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy series:

  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage - 2009

  • Living Anatomy - 2010

  • Neck and Upper Shoulder Pain ACM - 2010

  • Shoulder Girdle ACM - 2010

  • Carpal Tunnel/Wrist ACM - 2010

  • Lower Back Pain ACM - 2011

  • Hip and Pelvis ACM - 2011

  • TMJ/Migraine/Headache ACM - 2011

  • Advanced Stretching ACM -2011

  • Leg, Foot, Knee Pain ACM - 2011

  • Pregnancy Massage - 2011

  • Amma Fusion - 2012

  • Certificate in Advanced Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy - 2012

  • Structural Fascial Bodywork - 2015

Chichester College of Further Education ​​

  • Diploma in Reflexology (VTCT Level 3)  - 2009

  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Health, Safety & Employment Standards (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Business Studies (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Additional Reflexology Techniques (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Non-Medical Nutritional Advice/Healthy Eating Advisor (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Swedish Massage Therapy (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Certificate in Hot Stone Massage Therapy (VTCT Level 3) - 2011

  • Diplomas in Aromatherapy and Additional Aromatherapy Techniques (VTCT Level 3)  - 2010

  • Certificate in Complementary Stress Management (VTCT Level 3) - 2010

  • Diploma in Crystal Therapy (VTCT - Level 3) - 2011

  • Certificate in Advanced Complementary Therapies awarded by Chichester College - 2010

  • City and Guilds Certificate: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector  500/1640/4 - 2011

West Sussex Adult Education

  • VTCT Diploma:  Holistic Colour Healing - 2010

  • VTCT Level 2 Certificate Thermal Auricular Therapy/Ear Candling - 2010


ART Reflex

  • Certificate of Attendance: Advanced Reflexology Techniques with Tony Porter and Hagar Basis - 2010


Mary Atkinson Training

  • Introduction to Indian Head Massage - 2008

  • Hand and Foot Massage certificate - 2009

  •  CPD: Positive Touch for Children (CAMEXPO) - 2011

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

  • Bardic grade

St Wilfrid’s Hospice, Education Department, Chichester

  • Adapting Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology for People with Cancer - Certificate of Attendance - 2011

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Diploma with Nina Guilfoyle - 2012

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching (1 year course Health Coach Training Program - 120 degree credits - Level 4) - 2014

  • Immersion coaching program (6 month course) - 2015

Sussex School Thai Massage with Christine Townley

  • Thai Massage Certificate of Attendance (with Christine Townley) - 2010

 Reproductive Health Group

  • Fertility Conference Certificate of Attendance - 2 days

  • Update for Complementary Therapists Certificate of Attendance - 2018

Holistic MBA (now HCI)

  • Deep Dive Transformational Coaching Method - 2015

Stoke on Trent FE College

  • NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health - 2020

  • NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills - 2021

White Rose College of Beauty

  • ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Complementary Therapies - 2021

Seren Training with Barbara Scott

  • ReproReflexology Part 1 (Natural Conception) - 2021

Open University

  • Certificate in Mathematics

  • Certificate in Understanding Children


Chichester University (University College Chichester)

  • Certificate in Creative Writing:  Poetry

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I am also an Ambassador for IIN so if you are thinking about becoming a Health Coach yourself please contact me and ask about the special tuition offers I can pass to you.


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