Success Stories:

Published with permission from clients.  Please note I do not claim to cure or ‘heal’.

A woman playing golf

“My back is still a little sore but I have played 12 holes of golf today and my shoulder has been OK. My right lumbar region definitely feels looser than it has recently. I was conscious of the way I was sitting at home yesterday and I’ve moved one of the chairs to straighten me up a little in relation to the TV… Many thanks for the work you’ve done with me so far, I’ve enjoyed it and I think it has loosened me up a bit.” 

- CF, Retired

Reflexology Therapy

“I love having my feet massaged and was very impressed with Elizabeth's ability in that area. Not only could she heal the pain and tension in my feet but also she would give me a clearer picture of what else needed attention in my body and mind. With Elizabeth you get great value because in addition to her therapeutic skills she has a lot of experience and insight.” 

- J Skinner, Alexander Technique teacher, Dartmoor


“You really focused on the key issues.  I actually felt the session was so powerful in terms of making me feel and think about the things going on in my life at a deeper level.” 

- GR

- GR


"I haven’t felt this relaxed and present in a very long time, ...Such a great experience." (Relax with Colour Therapy)

- JD, Manager/Parent