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Success Stories:

Published with permission from clients.  Please note I do not claim to cure or ‘heal’.

Relaxing Massage

“My back is still a little sore but I have played 12 holes of golf today and my shoulder has been OK. My right lumbar region definitely feels looser than it has recently. I was conscious of the way I was sitting at home yesterday and I’ve moved one of the chairs to straighten me up a little in relation to the TV… Many thanks for the work you’ve done with me so far, I’ve enjoyed it and I think it has loosened me up a bit.” 

CF, retired

“Elizabeth encourages clients to engage in the process, this is both helpful and effective. The result of the massage was a reduction in soreness and painful movements from the first session. I like the fact that the treatment she offers involves the whole body; an awareness of how the body functions and how seemingly separate parts affect one another. The treatment is grounded, assimilating the changes made easier by this approach. By the fourth session my entire body felt better.  A highly recommended therapist.” 

LW, parent/entrepreneur

“I was suffering from 2/3 migraines per week and some lower back stiffness, since a fall…  (Biggest change was) a reduction in the number of migraines and a marked improvement in lower back flexibility.  The treatment is very relaxing and enjoyable and the improvements I have experienced are encouraging.” 


Reflexology Therapy

“I love having my feet massaged and was very impressed with Elizabeth's ability in that area. Not only could she heal the pain and tension in my feet but also she would give me a clearer picture of what else needed attention in my body and mind. With Elizabeth you get great value because in addition to her therapeutic skills she has a lot of experience and insight.” 

J Skinner, Alexander Technique teacher, Dartmoor

“I have a number of different health issues which makes working with me quite complicated; however Elizabeth takes the time to ensure she fully understands what my issues are, taking into account my own opinions and challenges.  Whether she is giving me reflexology, which always has a noticeable, positive effect, or providing me with health coaching techniques, I know that she is providing me with a personalised approach, rather than 'one size fits all'.  I have found her care to have brought me profound, positive results.” 

JF, HR professional

“Having a blend of massage and reflexology from Elizabeth really helped my sleep patterns to improve and it eased my sinus inflammation.”

AW, Medical Health Professional

Healthy Food

“You really focused on the key issues.  I actually felt the session was so powerful in terms of making me feel and think about the things going on in my life at a deeper level.” 


Biggest change "That I felt the overwhelm that usually surrounds meal planning in this busy family house become more manageable." Best part: "The feeling of calm that Elizabeth brought to the session. I was able to think in an unpressured environment...  I would say she helped me to understand what was contributing to my feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm. By asking the right questions, she then helped me to set small, achievable steps towards overcoming these feelings of overwhelm." 

LH, Teacher

“…And you were absolutely correct about monitoring my sodium intake. Stopped eating anything with salt as a preservative and in less than a month my blood pressure is completely normal!”

KB, parent


Best Aha Moment: "That to be present and feel better I can use the moments with my daughter everyday to have hugs and feel brighter.  Loved the breathing. And talking through life and figuring out how to make it better.  It’s a great way to unravel what you already know - you just need the help getting there because you don’t always have the skills and time to dive deep by yourself."

SW, mother and business owner

“I haven't had the bloating, have not had the wind and have not needed peppermint tea and drops.  Feeling so good."

DW, Retired

"Elizabeth has been a listening ear and was able to coax out the answers deep within me.  She is great to work with! She doesn't tell you what to do but she knows how to get the answers out of you and these answers are really great because they are doable and also because I came up with it. She doesn't judge and I feel safe sharing my thoughts with her."

MR, Nurse


"I found the  (Relax Into Colour Therapy) session thoroughly relaxing. During the meditation, her soothing voice drew me into a deep state and I felt waves of energy moving around my body at certain chakras. The whole session was amazing and highly recommend."


"I haven’t felt this relaxed and present in a very long time, ...Such a great experience." (Relax with Colour Therapy)

JD, Manager/Parent

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