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For initial enquiries please telephone on

07423 019459

OR fill in the contact form.

There are some medical conditions as to why treatment may not be given (contraindication), why treatment may need adjusting on a localised area or adapting (caution), or why treatment may only be given after you have sought medical advice.   This is in order to keep you safe.  

There are some medical conditions as to why treatment may not be given (contraindication), why treatment may need adjusting on a localised area or adapting (caution), or why treatment may only be given after you have sought medical advice.   This is in order to keep you safe.  

​Cautions and GP/consultant advice

You may need to seek advice from your GP surgery or consultant/surgeon before we proceed with hands-on treatment.   For example, if you are on medication for blood clotting I need to ensure that the treatment I give will not put you at risk.  If you are undergoing treatment with a specialist e.g. for cancer then I will ask that you seek their advice too. 

You will need to inform me if you have any of the following in our health consultation as well as any other medical conditions:

  • Cancer history or undergoing current treatment (particularly bone/lymph)

  • allergies  (please note I cannot guarantee the clinic is a nut-free environment!)

  • diabetes

  • epilepsy

  • thyroid issues

  • heart /cardiovascular conditions

  • osteoporosis and osteopenia

  • arthritis including gout

  • surgeries and in particular recent ones including any scars

  • injuries including broken bones, fractures, concussion, head or upper torso/spine including whiplash

  • severe varicose veins  

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis/post stroke/heart-attack - due to the risk of moving blood clots 

  • Phlebitis

  • Recent cortisone injection/surgery in the treatment area (needs to leave around 8 weeks and may need medical advice from consultant before working on area)

  • any fillers and/or implants

  • pregnancy

Sometimes you may need a medical health check up with your GP first before coming to see me.  Sometimes the reason we are feeling unwell is that we have an undiagnosed physiological issue – for example, low haemoglobin, iron, blood sugar or thyroid, problems with blood pressure etc.   If in doubt, check it out!  It may be nothing but always better safe than sorry.

  • constant pain (this is when pain is unrelenting and does not seem to go away even when changing position by lying down)

  • unexplained weight loss 

  • unexplained exhaustion or tiredness

  • frequent digestive tract problems such as an upset stomach or bowels

  • a suspected DVT

  • severe headaches

  • unexplained lumps and/or swellings

  • unexplained fainting

  • lesions and/or sores

  • numbness/tingling

  • unexplained chest or bilateral limb pain



There are some circumstances when it is not safe to have in person treatment, either for your safety or mine and other patients.  Please do not attend in person therapies if any of the following apply and contact me asap on 07423 019459 to cancel.

  • body or head lice

  • active shingles

  • contagious infections including impetigo, active herpes lesion (cold sore)

  • current fever (high temperature)

  • covid symptoms - please see my Covid19 page on guidance around symptoms such as headache, fever and a cough.


Reflexology example localised contraindications include (as well as the ones above):

  • verrucas

  • tinea pedis (Athlete’s Foot)

  • fungal conditions of the nails

You will need to wait until they have cleared up as these present an infection risk to others (please visit GP, podiatrist or pharmacist for advice) or I can offer hand reflexology instead.

Massage/IHM/Aromatherapy example contraindications (as well as the ones above) include:

  • open wounds or major bruising in treatment region 

  • current migraine especially with visual symptoms

  • localised contraindications - I am unable to massage over sites of implants and fillers (please inform me - I always ask about any surgery and this includes cosmetic)

Pregnancy Massage/Reflexology

Massage therapy and reflexology:

  • are considered safe for a low risk, normal pregnancy 

  • there is no scientific evidence to show that they may be harmful. 

However, there are issues that may mean it is not adviseable to go ahead either at all or without seeking further information or that I need to make adaptations. The Royal College of Midwives position statement on complementary therapies and natural remedies is they should only be "used in conjunction with conventional midwifery and obstetric care and not viewed as a replacement for adequate monitoring and care by appropriately qualified maternity professionals". Therefore I ask that my pregnancy patients please seek medical advice from their midwife, specialist or GP before having a Pregnancy therapy session. 

Example contraindications (as well as the above) include:

  • Pre-eclampsia - this can include flashing lights, severe rib pain, severe headaches, blurred vision

  • thrombosis

  • placental issues including previa, accreta or abruption

  • current uterine bleeding

  • high risk pregnancy including pre-term labour

  • recurrent history of miscarriage

  • gestational diabetes

  • unexplained continuous abdominal pains

  • chronic hypertension

  • redness/heat/pain in legs (can be a sign of DVT and needs checking)

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (a managed DVT means you can have massage but I would need to avoid the legs)

  • current high temperature/fever

Aromatherapy - Holistic Facials

  • Cold sores
  • Hypersensitive or irritated skins e.g. sunburn 
  • Extremely vascular skin
  • Acute inflammation, bruising or swelling in the face
  • Acute sinus problems – may be too painful for this treatment
  • Recent facial injectable or acidic peels
  • Recent operations or surgery to the face or head
  • Severe acne that is currently open
  • Eczema or psoriasis on the face, neck or shoulders that is in active flare up
  • Pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions on the face or treatment area.
  • Other infectiious conditions such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) or shingles. 
  • Nut allergy (the products I use are at present not suitable for those with nut allergies).

Ear Candling


Example contraindications include:

  • grommets/cochlear implants - not suitable 

  • infectious conditions

  • inflammation in the ear area 

  • pregnancy - it is not adviseable to have ear candling during the first trimester 

  • open wounds or major bruising in treatment region,

  • current migraine

Treatment can only commence when these have been cleared up.


The medical advice for vaccines is it is NOT advisable to receive a treatment for a minimum of 48 hours after you have received any vaccination.  As I have seen people who have experienced adverse effects for a week after vaccines I am erring on the side of caution and asking people not to book in until a week has passed. 

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