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Holistic Facial

A holistic facial is a more natural way to care for the skin of your face.  

Are you:
  • experiencing dull skin?

  • tightness and tension in your jaw?

  • feeling that long days and not enough sleep are catching up with you?

  • needing an energy boost?

  • stressed out?


To book please telephone on 07423 019459

OR fill in the contact form.


Holistic Facials

I originally trained in holistic facials during my 2-year aromatherapy diploma.  Using plant-based products such as hydrolats, natural mask for calming the skin and drawing out impurities and essential oils this helps to keep your skin feeling at its best.  The structure of a holistic facial is as follows:

Initial Consultation


Using water-based natural cleansers your face is cleansed.  This helps to flush out impurities as well as the build up of make up products.

Face Mask

This will be selected for your skin type and will either be a traditional clay mask or a gel or cream.


Using natural hydrolat toner can help to calm the skin and complete the cleanse.

Facial Massage

Using a carrier oil selected for your skin type you will receive a gentle face massage designed to work the muscles of the face and relieve any tension.


Improve appearance of skin    

Increase emotional health            Assist injury recovery

Enhance deep relaxation                  Move more easily

Relieve facial muscles

Improve sleep                        Enhance quality of life

Increase wellbeing          Improve skin tone

Improve circulation            Soothe tension

Relieve tension and tightness        Release endorphins


What happens in a session?
  • I will wait outside the room while you get onto the couch, and cover your upper body with a clean towel.  

  • You will be asked to place your belongings such as jewellery in a box during the treatment

  • It is important for me to receive feedback during the treatment such as if you are warm and comfortable enough

  • I use products that may end up in your hair. Please do not book a hair appointment before your holistic facial as it will get messy.

At the end of the treatment you will be informed of aftercare which may also include:

  • Facial muscle  exercises

  • Natural skincare products that may help you.

  • Recommendations for lifestyle changes.

You may wish to bring a hair comb or brush to neaten your hair afterwards.   You will leave the clinic bare-faced and it is best not to wear makeup for several hours to allow the skincare to work effectively.

How often do you need a holistic facial?
  • For best results it is more effective to receive consecutive  treatments over several weeks. 

  • Subsequent  maintenance appointments are suggested every 4-6 weeks. 

Please see my list of contraindications.   Please note you will need to cancel your appointment and may not attend if you have the following:
  • Cold sores
  • Hypersensitive or irritated skins e.g. sunburn 
  • Extremely vascular skin
  • Acute inflammation, bruising or swelling in the face
  • Acute sinus problems – may be too painful for this treatment
  • Recent facial injectable or acidic peels
  • Recent operations or surgery to the face or head
  • Severe acne that is currently open
  • Eczema or psoriasis on the face, neck or shoulders that is in active flare up
  • Pre-cancerous or cancerous lesions on the face or treatment area.
  • Other infectiious conditions such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) or shingles. 
  • Nut allergy (the products I use are at present not suitable for those with nut allergies).

If you have any questions please use my Contact page.    Please note the working weight of my couch is not over 24 stone and for health and safety reasons with my equipment I may not go over this.  

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