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Discovery Session

Once we have had an initial Strategy Call then this is the next step.

During this session I will take you through a proven process to:

  • Uncover what has been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the outcome you want

  • develop a powerful vision for what that transformation looks like for you in terms of your lifestyle, health and wellbeing

  • discover which habits are depleting you and ways to change them to ones which elevate you 

  • get crystal clear on a step=by-step plan to transform your health and wellness 

We will also go through your Health History form which will be sent to you after the Strategy Call if we choose to work together.


Walk & Talk Health Coaching

A lovely way to experience a morning or afternoon session of health coaching.  As we walk we can talk.  This is a great way to get movement in as well as coaching and we will find moments along the route to meditate and be mindful too.  This is usually in a location around Knutsford and may include Tatton Park or somewhere else.  

You will need:  good walking shoes, some weatherproof clothing in case of inclement weather (if the weather is really bad we will postpone), a bottle of water, a healthy snack

Before we meet we will need to do a Discovery Session.

Stress Less, Sleep Sound Wellbeing Program

You will learn to manage your stress and improve your sleep with this mini program.


Duration:  Discovery plus 5 sessions over 2 months

If you wake up in the morning feeling like you did not rest properly and then you have to get up and go about your day feeling exhausted this is the coaching package for you.  This package helps those who:

  • feel they are running on empty 

  • are exhausted and that stress is at the level of distress  

  • have to drink caffeine in quantity to get through the day

  • feel that bed is not a place of comfort and rest

  • know that their sleep cycle is poor and is not effective at resting the body or mind

  • wake to repeat the cycle of stress through the day

If you are ready to change and invest in your wellbeing and transform your life, and are prepared to commit the time and effort needed to get the results you want then this is the program for you.  Your reasons for staying stuck will be safely explored. You will learn about sleep hygiene, what foods can help you to sleep more soundly and your results will shift how you think about what is possible and you will learn how to make sleep work for you.  Restful sleep along with waking up feeling energised, relaxed and ready for the day are achievable and in your grasp.

Each session you will be working on your goals and will take the action steps between that you need to make progress to get the results you want.  I will provide you with the tools you need to take ownership of your health.  
Areas covered may include, dependent on your own uniqueness, how to make better food choices, how to tackle sleep issues so you wake up feeling great, stress management and self care through mindfulness, meditation and aromatherapy plus you will learn huge amounts about yourself. 

Plus if you can see me in person you will also receive a special discount on a reflexology session.


Total Transformation Program

The Total Transformation program is designed to reignite your truest and creative self, get you back to trusting your intuition and get you on the right trajectory to lead your healthiest life that you know is you operating at your best. 

The 12 sessions of the 3-month program help you to get in more tune with your thoughts, emotions and feelings that guide you in your everyday lifestyle and food choices.  This program will empower you to be the leading authority on your health and body and to increasingly feel confident that you know exactly what your mind, body and spirit are needing and how to provide this.


Together we will work on your:

  • stress levels

  • food choices

  • functional movement

  • sleep patterns

  • mindset

Sessions 1 - 4

These are crucial in setting the foundation for sustained results.  You will learn to build your intuition and start to be aware as you recognise the signals of your body's real needs.  This helps you to get out of regular average diet mentality of deprivation, yo-yoing and negative self talk and body image.

I support you to:

  • create goals

  • take action

  • gain confidence

  • take your stress from high distress to manageable

  • enjoy making healthier and holistic lifestyle decisions

  • rediscover your most authentic and natural self

  • create an environment that supports your wellbeing

  • increase your energy levels 

  • stop feeling overwhelmed

This program includes:

  • 1 x Discovery call

  • 11 x personalised one-to-one health coaching sessions

  • A personalised 12-week route map for your journey 

  • Email support between sessions as needed

  • Resources including handouts

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Gamers Program

This health coaching program is specifically designed for gamers.  I know as a gamer myself how spending hours online, sat in one position and needing to fight end bosses and participate in raids and events can also affect our real life health and wellbeing.  Often we can pile on weight, make our own metabolism sluggish, get tech neck and Atari thumb and yet our onscreen avatar can be svelte and fit.  Often we are criticised and stereotyped - this program is not about stopping you from gaming.  It is about optimising how you treat yourself whilst you game so that you can still game and protect both your in game character's health and your own too.

Together we will work on your:

  • stress levels

  • food choices

  • functional movement

  • sleep patterns

  • mindset

Who is this for?

Gamers who know that they want to change and upgrade their health and wellbeing.  You will learn how to move more, eat better and optimise your own health and spell points whilst still being able to game effectively.


If you are sat a lot, snacking on convenience processed food and you feel that yes it is time to change whilst still not being forced to drop gaming then this is for you.

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Reset Your Energy

Establish Healthy 

Food Choices

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Personalised Coaching Plan