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I am happy to work with a product called Purition.   Purition is a wholefood-based protein powder which is handy for a quick, light meal such as breakfast. They make a whey and a vegan version of their different flavours including strawberry, beetroot, chocolate orange, pistachio and vanilla.  Purition contains no artificial ingredients.  Indeed when my daughter went to university recently I sent her off with a pack to ensure that on days where she was too busy due to lectures to make a breakfast or if she was feeling hungry and needed a little extra she had something that is wholefood based.  I also find these really handy on my busy hands-on therapy days as a reflexologist and massage therapist as I find I work best if I have something light for my lunch that fills me up enough to keep me steady and energised.

They now also make chai lattes which contain whole foods and no artificial ingredients.  One of our favourites is the turmeric latte, which is a beautiful golden yellow, or the spirulina latte which is blue.

"Purition is food you have for breakfast or lunch to help make your life easier."

purition-green goddess smoothie bowl.jpg
Crystal shop

Beautiful Preseli Bluestones, the stone of Stonhenge, ethically sourced:

Kanoa Living:  this is an ethical crystal and healing store with physical shops in Altrincham and Knutsford as well as online.  I have had some beautiful things from them including a lovely and warm scarf. 

Stonehenge at Sunset
Library Bookshelves
Resources for Therapists

These are resources I have found very useful whilst studying different techniques and anatomy.

Click on the picture and it will take you through to useful courses from expert Sean Riehl including Baby/Infant Massage.

Kids Playing Outside
Home Education Resources
I home educated my daughter during her early years until she was about 9 years old.  I realise with the pandemic that many families are struggling with home schooling so have added some resources here.

I would say ideally it is important to get some movement and exercise in every day.  A family walk, even if it is very short, is a good educational opportunity to either use it to move or to do some observations of nature.  We used to take daytime and evening walks and listen to bird song, look at the plants around including weeds like dandelions and also notice the stars and the planets.  For the latter we would learn the stories of the constellations.

I would often have read aloud books that were not just a story at bedtime but a story that we would use as a hub to spring off other ideas from.  One of our favourites when my daughter was around 8 years old was Schoolhouse in the Woods by Rebecca Caudill.  We also enjoyed the Moomin troll books.

One of the curriculum we used to support us was the Earth Schooling resources which are in part based of Steiner Waldorf education.


Classes & Practitioners

I always recommend that my patients/clients consider taking classes in mindfulness and movement as well ensuring they practice these in their daily lives.   As well as the other practitioners at the clinic I work from I have found the following to be excellent:

Yoga in the Knutsford area with Maryline Higham

Brian Shuker - Heart Fire Therapies

Fiona Morris Medical Herbalist

Tony Sherock personal trainer and Tiny Habits Coach (for those in the USA)

Pregnancy, Baby and You Cheshire

Jenny Davy - Alexander Technique - based in Devon but offers online teaching too

Zoe Eckersley 


Anne Gabarre

Sue Roberts 

Counselling - Sarah Barker

Michele Fuller - Nutritional Therapy

Affiliate Disclosure
I occasionally put links to products that I have personally used. I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my affiliate link to any products or services from this website. These small earnings make it possible for me to continue my learning so I can best help my clients. I only affiliate with products or services that I use myself.

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