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Maternity Massage 

For initial enquiries and to arrange an initial consultation and appointment please telephone on 07423 019459

OR fill in the contact form.

Pregnancy can bring up so many feelings and having massage therapy  can be of great comfort and help you integrate your body with your emotions.  I also deal with some of the common muscular complaints such as sleep problems, headaches and back aches.

You will have a thorough consultation via phone before we book you in to ensure it is safe and appropriate to carry out maternity massage therapy.


Pregnancy massage is suitable for:

  • first trimester

  • second trimester

  • third trimester

  • post natally

If there are any complications then I will ask you to discuss this with your midwives or obstetric team before.  Most of the time massage is suitable to go ahead but I may need to adapt your care accordingly.

I also offer nurturing massage for pregnancy loss, something I have experienced myself.

Pregnant woman holding her belly

Potential benefits:

Important for pre and postnatal care

Reduce stress hormones and anxiety levels   

Improve emotional wellbeing

Enhance deep relaxation               Move more easily

Relieve overtired and strained muscles

Manage musculoskeletal and soft tissue pain

Increase energy levels          Improve skin tone

     Relieves common discomforts

Alleviate muscular aches including back, arms and legs

Relieve tension and tightness       Ease postural problems

Increase energy levels 

Feel more connected to your bump and baby

Improve  sleep quality

Improve surgical scarring e.g. caeserian sections

What happens in a session?

During the  massage I will do my utmost to make you comfortable.  For the second and third trimester this is done sidelying with lots of pillows and bolsters.  Comfort is important and usually this is at a slower pace in order to really help you relax.  It is important for me to receive feedback during the treatment such as if an area feels tender or if you are warm enough. If at any point you wish me to stop during the treatment or my pressure is uncomfortable please tell me. Massage of your belly area is optional.

  • Ensure your over clothes are easy to take off and put back on 

  • Please have a thorough wash in the morning as a minimum before you attend

  • Please bring your own mask or face covering if you wish to wear one so that you feel comfy

  • I will wait outside the room while you undress to your underwear, get onto the couch, and cover yourself with a clean sheet  

  • You will be appropriately draped with towels or sheets to protect your modesty whilst on the couch

  • You may wish to bring a hair comb or brush to neaten your hair afterwards.  Also as I use a massage wax, although I will do my utmost to keep it off, it may end up in your hair.   

  • You may also wish to bring a snack for after as massage therapy has been shown to slightly lower blood sugar.

At the end of the treatment you will be informed of general aftercare which may also include:

  • Postural awareness exercises

  • Breathing exercises

  • Ergonomic advice to change postural habits at work or in the home

  • Recommendations to seek treatment or advice from other therapists including allied healthcare professionals like osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors or from your GP or midwives.


Is Pregnancy Massage suitable for the first trimester?

Yes, my training focused on all three trimesters.  Massage therapy is considered safe for a normal pregnancy and there is no scientific evidence to show that it may be harmful.  However, as the first trimester can often be the stage where miscarriage is most likely to occur this will be discussed at the initial consultation.  

Do I need permission from my midwives?

No, you do not need to seek permission for massage therapy.  However, it is adviseable to inform your midwives or care team to check if they have any concerns, although they do not "give permission" per se. I will ask you to sign that you have done this. 


I have a high risk pregnancy.  May I still have massage therapy?

If you have a high risk pregnancy and have any of the conditions listed in cautions and contraindications or a history of recurrent miscarriage/pregnancy loss then it may be better to not go ahead.  If you have any unexplained concerns or symptoms then please get a check up with your healthcare team first.   For some issues you can be referred to an allied healthcare professional instead such as a physiotherapist or an osteopath and then you can always come back for a massage when your health is more settled.

Pregnancy massage therapy is not intended to replace medical care. I reserve the right to refuse to treat someone if I feel it may not be in their best interests.  Certain issues may mean it is not adviseable to go ahead either at all (contraindications) or without seeking further advice (cautions).   Please see my Consultation page.

For further information please read about your maternity rights.

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