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Maternity & Fertility Reflexology

For initial enquiries and to arrange an initial consultation and appointment please telephone on 07423 019459

OR fill in the contact form.

I already can offer support for anyone pregnant or who is trying to conceive utilising general reflexology.  However, as part of my  continuing education Professional Development I have been taking further specialist qualifications in these fields and am undertaking case studies.

Maternity Reflexology

Unlock a peaceful pregnancy with Maternity Reflexology.  Pregnancy is a journey and sometimes can bring on stress and a range of emotions. Did you know that when mothers feel a sense of wellbeing and calm, this tranquility is shared with the developing baby? 

Maternity Reflexology is your key to nurturing both physical and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy. You can experience the soothing benefits of reflexology throughout. Rest assured, I will conduct a thorough health assessment to ensure your safety and suitability for this treatment.

What to expect:

  • Suitable for all three trimesters

    • first trimester can bring on various issues due to hormones and reflexology can be used to help you relax and de-stress​

    • second and third trimesters can bring on an increase in postural issues and reflexology can be used to help you be more comfortable and sleep better

  • A valuable addition to postnatal care

  • Dads, you are welcome too! It's an excellent relaxation method during and after these transformative family moments.

Discover more about the magic of Maternity Reflexology and its benefits in the Mother & Baby article on the benefits of maternity reflexology.

Maternity FAQs

When should I have reflexology? It is best if you can have regular treatment a number of times throughout your pregnancy.  You are more likely to experience the benefits that way.   As mammals creating a safe space for pregnancy and to birth in is important and reflexology can help greatly with positive anchors and having an overall positive experience.

Can you help induce labour?  No. As reflexologists we are unable to make that claim. The evidence shows that most babies will come in their own time and that due date is a term that can have time either side.  Reflexology can help support you to manage stress and help both the mind and body to feel more relaxed during the waiting period.  This can help greatly with preparing for labour or if you know are having a planned c-section or induction help your levels of stress reduce. 

It is also important to know your rights if you feel you are being put under pressure for an induction.  Informed decision making is important and you have a right to choose.  

Fertility Reflexology

I have studied ReproReflexology with Barbara Scott.  This is suitable for anyone who needs complementary support alongside receiving mainstream support for experiencing reproductive hormonal issues.  

Who can benefit from reflexology?  Fertility reflexology supports people living with:

  • trying to conceive naturally

  • preparing for pregnancy

  • endometriosis

  • PCOS

  • PMS

  • low sperm count/low motility

  • emotional wellbeing on your fertility journey

I am careful not to indicate that fertility reflexology can result in pregnancy or cures for medical conditions.  It is a complementary therapy which addresses lifestyle, stress and wellbeing alongside conventional approaches.

Your journey starts with a very detailed consultation which will be focused on your general health history, your diet, your lifestyle habits and your reproductive health and wellbeing.  You will also receive nutritional and lifestyle homework to do including stress management tips, fertility tracking advice (if trying to conceive) and your reflexology treatment will be planned from this.  Appointments thereafter will be as above for reflexology in person and need to consist of 6 x weekly treatments for at least one partner. For natural conception support it is best if both partners in the couple can be present.  


Please note at present this service is not for those undergoing IVF.


Case Studies

If you are someone who has been having problems with their reproductive health and are interested in reflexology support whilst being a case study please can you message me or call on 07423 019459 leaving your name and number (my phone is basic and not a smart one so you need to leave the number please).

You would be available for having fertility reflexology support on a weekly basis for 6 treatments minimum. I require both male and female participants and ideally couples who are looking to conceive naturally; at present my case studies cannot include anyone undergoing IVF. 

We will start with an initial conversation to check you are suitable as a case study.  We will then:

  • book in an online consultation This is a very detailed consultation which will be focused on your general health history as well as information gathering on your reproductive health and wellbeing. It is best if both partners, if a couple, can be present.  

  • You will also receive nutritional and lifestyle guidance, stress management tips, fertility tracking advice and your reflexology treatment will be planned from this.

  • form a treatment plan so that once lockdown is over we can commence hands on treatments. 

  • The first hands on session will be in person blending a reproreflex assessment of the feet and reflexology

  • Further treatments will be given using the Reproreflexology treatment protocols. 

  • You will also be given self care hand reflexology protocols as homework to do between treatment

I need to do 6 treatments in total on one partner to submit as a case study.

For females I would need to see you in person once a week for a full cycle of a month, the first being the assessment, and then one further follow up.  For males we would need to meet once a week for three weeks and then the final two treatments would be once a fortnight. 

If you have any medical records pertaining to your reproductive health, including previous assessments, then these would be useful for me to see during the consultation and have copies of please (again these will be kept in confidence and sent in with identifying features removed to the tutor.

Please contact me if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you.

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