Colour Therapy


Colour Therapy helps to support you when you:

  •         feel out-of-sorts or really depleted

  •         need a burst of energy and replenishment

  •         are ready to relax with complementary healing

  •         feel run down and need a boost

  •         need to feel clearer, happier and brighter

  •        want some extra support to feel your best

  •        ready to feel more connected and focused


Colour Therapy is believed to work due to how each colour has its own specific frequency on the visible light spectrum. These frequencies also correlate to the organs of the body. Colour is thought to influence the physical body, our emotions, the organs, the chakras and the aura (the energy field perceived to surround the body), correcting imbalances and bringing our whole being into a state of harmony.  Our ideal is that the full spectrum of colour (i.e. all the colours) should be present in our lives in order that we benefit from all the wavelengths.


The chakras, although not scientifically quantifiable, are a useful way to map the energies of the body in the same way that the London Underground map is not the actual territory but does help you to journey from A to B.  If they are out of balance then it can lead us to feel emotionally and physically drained. By working with you using these tools I can help to re-balance and re-energise you.  I also guide you on what colours and crystals would help you in your life.


Colour Therapy Sessions

Available in person or online via Zoom.  Individual sessions are available or you can do a course over a number of weeks.  The energy properties of crystals and colours are ideal for those who want to de-stress. Those who have experienced them find them to be a beautiful and blissful way to take time out.  I have worked with crystals and colour for almost 20 years and find them to be extremely beneficial.  


Following a full consultation, your job as my client is to simply lie down on a couch (or sit in a chair), having been made as comfortable as possible (please wear loose, comfortable clothing) whilst I take you through a guided visualisation that will help you to relax.     


This is a wonderful way to book time out for yourself to learn deep relaxation using colours.  I will talk you through working with the colours.  What better way to take time out, chill and relax  through a guided Colour Therapy session to bring you more calm and peace in your life.


I also offer my Relax Into Colour online via Zoom.  On booking please be sure to look for the email which will give you your Zoom link for the meeting.  

Violet (Crown)

Indigo (Brow)

Blue (Throat)

Green (Heart)

Yellow (Solar Plexus)

Orange (Sacral)

Red (Base)


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