Many people have hang-ups about their feet.  Rather than stand bare foot and proud, their feet remain in socks and shoes all day.  Our feet pound upon pavements, up and down stairs, squeeze into pointy shoes with high heels, dance away or we barely move them as we sit at a desk all day.


Our feet reveal a lot about our personalities and our physical selves. Little toes as our younger selves remain hidden away, second toes may be oppressed as with our creativity and long, tall people have long feet; short and round people have shorter and rounder toes.


Reflexology is believed to be of benefit in supporting those with:

  • Sleep issues

  • Digestive issues

  • Stress-related issues

  • Body discomfort



When you give reflexology treatment to the feet you will notice benefits all the way up the body.  There are over 7,000 nerve endings located in the feet and having reflexology helps to restore balance and will relax your mind and emotions.  Many of us speed through our lives without any time to be still or find peace and quiet. Our feet often ache but because they are so far away from our minds, we ignore them, rushing about until we feel so imbalanced with fatigue and stress that we stop feeling our best.

What is reflexology?
  • utilises specialised techniques on the feet (or hands) using thumb and finger pressure

  • based on the concept that all the important elements of the body have reflexes that are located on the feet (or hands/ears)

  • the ‘reflexes’ are believed to correspond with the main systems of the body, and form a microcosm of the human body with the toes representing the head region all the way down to the bottom of the foot representing the pelvic area.  

  • working the reflexes is believed to help to correct imbalances and restore the body’s energy flow

  • believed to stimulate the nerve impulses to corresponding areas

  • allows our feet to communicate the stresses and strains of our lives and for us to acknowledge these and make changes.


Studies have shown that the benefits of reflexology include that it:


  • brings about deep relaxation

  • helps us to de-stress

  • relieves tension

  • improves wellbeing

  • enhances positive moods

  • increases restful sleep

  • harmonises the body to a state of peace and balance

  • is useful as a complement to mainstream healthcare


Reflexology is very non-intrusive and suitable for all ages and stages in life.

A course of reflexology sessions will ensure you take time out, with your feet up. As your reflexologist I will inform you of any imbalanced reflexes that I find and I will work to rebalance them.  Many people report that their feet feel much better after a reflexology session and it isn’t until afterwards that they realise how tense and stiff their feet were.

All that you will be asked to remove are your shoes and socks; the rest of your clothes stay on. You lie down on a recliner or couch or sit down with your feet up on a foot stool so that I can access your feet. I ask that on the day of your session you wash your feet with your regular cleanser and water so they are fresh to work on.

     I will observe and discuss any obvious imbalanced reflexes.  Your feet may feel sore and tender if I find an area that is out of balance but this discomfort will be fleeting. Some clients feel very relaxed during the treatment (although it is ideal to remain awake so that we can discuss and react to what I am finding). I will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. You will also be given aftercare advice.


How long will your reflexology session last?

 Your treatment will include:

  • an initial online or phone consultation to take your medical history and lifestyle in advance (15 -30 minutes)

  • an online covid19 risk screening form (before each session) (5 minutes)

  • the in person reflexology treatment itself combined with foot massage.  (45 minutes)


How frequently do you need reflexology?

To really benefit it is suggested that you have 2-4 sessions over successive weeks to benefit the most and then return once a month after that for maintenance.  


What product do you use?

I use a beeswax-based reflexology balm or massage cream. I do not use talc as this is known to be a carcinogen!  If you are vegan please inform me at the booking as I can use a plant-based wax instead.


What to wear?

I need to access your bare feet, ankles and the lower part of your leg. Please wear comfy clothing that I can easily access your feet; it is best to wear socks, not tights.  Please wash your feet on the morning of your appointment.


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