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Lilac and Gooseberries

As an aromatherapist, I have a profound appreciation for scents. A few years ago, I contracted COVID, which temporarily left me with anosmia. Surprisingly, I found this loss of smell quite pleasurable. I typically find myself overwhelmed by the unpleasant odours of traffic and urban environments, so this brief respite felt like a holiday. When my sense of smell returned, I rekindled my love for the natural fragrances of trees, flowers, and the pure quality essential oils I use both for self-care and in my therapy room.

While I delight in the world of aromatics, I've often encountered headaches and respiratory issues due to the synthetic fragrances found in many commercial options. Before Brexit, I used to source natural perfumes from a small French perfumery, but importing complications have made that more challenging. Large department stores and supermarkets, filled with heavily scented products like room diffusers and cleaning supplies, can be overwhelming and trigger skin irritation and watery eyes for me. As a result, I've been on the hunt for perfumes with minimal ingredients, reducing the risk of intolerance.

Recently, I stumbled upon a unique perfumery that created a scent inspired by the character Yennefer from The Witcher series. In the books, Geralt vividly describes Yennefer's scent as "smelling of lilac and gooseberries." This caught my attention because I'm not only a fan of The Witcher books and games but also a connoisseur of captivating scents. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try.

Since then, I've discovered other beautiful fragrances, such as one reminiscent of Salted Caramel, featuring Tonka bean as a prominent note, and another called Oud Arif, with smoky undertones, including hints of chocolate. I wanted to share these olfactory treasures with you as they have all left a lasting impression on my senses.

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Disclaimer: By using this link, I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.

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