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There are 4 important biometric measurements:

  • Blood pressure

  • Blood Glucose (blood sugar)

  • Body Mass Index or BMI

  • LDL cholesterol.

What are healthy ranges for each of these categories and what are the associated risks if the numbers are outside of healthy ranges?

Blood Pressure:

  • Men 120/80

  • Women 115/75

Blood Glucose:

<90/mg/dL and <100g/dL when fasting/ <140 mg/dL two hours after eating

When higher this can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes


18.5 <25 healthy weight range

Greater than 25 than this means obesity which leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other poor health outcomes.

For athletic people then waist size is taken into account too as being muscular can skew BMI.

LDL cholesterol range


CVD (although we know it's about particle size and number not just LDL ttl) Tris/HDL >2 most indicative of potential CVD

A combination of high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke.

As a health coach I do not diagnose nor take these measurements. Your first port of call to discover these is your primary healthcare provider/GP. If your ranges are outside of the healthy area then your GP will usually refer you to other services including dieticians and clinics.

As a health coach I can support you though to change behaviours and create a healthier lifestyle with better food choices.


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