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Cheese and Apple Scones

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

100g spelt flour

125g wholemeal self raising flour

1 tspn of bicarbonate of soda 50 g butter (cold) good pinch of salt pinch of baking powder (gives it some extra oomph) 1 eating apple (grated - remove core and seeds etc and best to peel first) 50 g cheese (grated) 110 ml milk 1 tsp of mustard powder Sieve flour with baking soda into mixing bowl. Cube butter and rub it into flour so it turns into breadcrumb consistency. Add the salt (ground sea salt is best) and a pinch of baking powder. Grate the cheese and mix it in - my preference is a Somerset cheddar or similar.

Grate in the apple and mix that in too. Add the mustard to the milk and mix together and then add milk to the dry ingredients. Form soft dough.

Roll out to about 2cm thick and use a cutter (makes about 9 scones).

Put scones on baking tray and bake scones for 15 minutes at 180 deg C. Serve scones with soup and cheese and pickles or anything else you think goes.

These are a lovely savoury dish.

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