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3 Simple Ways to Reduce Bloating

First off, if you have bloating as a symptom then you need to seek medical advice from your GP first and foremost. It can be a sign of some serious kinds of conditions so it is important to rule these out. Once this has been done and if you are given the all clear medically and you are bloating for non-medical reasons then here are some simple tips to help you.

  1. Hands on work such as reflexology and massage therapy can both help with reducing stress and bloating can be an indicator of that being high.

  2. Ensure you eat a healthy diet. This includes whole foods. If you are changing over to healthier foods then go slowly and introduce gradually. Eating more fibre can help to increase your gut health but there is a way to do so to minimise bloating.

  3. Drink enough fluid including water and herbal teas/tisanes. It can be better to have warming drinks rather than ice cold ones as this can make it easier on your digestive tract. It is also important to reduce sugary or carbonated drinks.

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