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Change your consciousness with meditation

Updated: May 24, 2021

Meditation can help you change your consciousness and manage stress.

This easy-to-do meditation only needs around 5 minutes. The more often you practice it then the more easy you will find it is to relax and focus longer and then, if you wish, you can increase the length of time you meditate for.

If possible, find somewhere outdoors to do this or somewhere that is well ventilated. Start by finding somewhere comfortable to sit and allow your muscles to relax.

Tense and contract your facial muscles, and then breathe in and as you breathe out allow them to relax. Then go down your body until you reach your toes, first contracting and then allowing the muscles to relax as you adjust your focus.

Take a slow and comfortable breath in through your nose and hold the air as you count to three and then slowly exhale through your mouth.

Take another breath in through your nose, but this time fully expand your diaphragm - you will notice your belly gets involved with breathing once the diaphragm engages. Hold for a count of 3, and once more exhale through your mouth.

Repeat these breaths for a couple of minutes.

After you have done this what do you notice?

  • Are you quieter?

  • More focused?

  • Feeling more at peace?

You may notice that thoughts enter your mind as you meditate and that is ok. Thank them and let them float past and maintain focus attention on your breath and how it feels as it moves through you.

Disclaimer: please note I am a health and wellness coach. None of the above is deemed to be medical advice and if you have any medical conditions then it is important you seek advice and guidance from your GP or other medical practitioner before embarking on any changes in lifestyle.

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