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Eyal Lederman - Functional Exercise Prescription

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

I regularly attend CPD (continuing professional development). One of my favourite webinar lives that I attended this year was with the osteopath Eyal Lederman who has a PhD, is an author, and who lectured on how to help with remedial movement without the conventional exercise model. He runs lots of CPD courses for osteopaths and bodywork professionals.

In the lecture he discussed how to choose exercises that are suitable for therapists to give to clients. We often find that our clients do not do their homework when it comes to exercises or that they think they have to become gym bunnies to keep fit which often does not fit into people's lifestyles. He discussed how it is important to do remedial activities that increase the challenge to the body enough to help our functionality. However, these do not have to look like an exercise regime. The right kind of movement can help with recovery from musculoskeletal issues. Eyal Lederman discussed how regular daily activities like climbing stairs or carrying shopping engage so many muscles and can strengthen and tone us so that we can participate fully in our everyday lives.

I know that I am often asked by my patients whether or not they should stop doing certain movements and what I usually say is that if they have been prescribed exercises by for example a physiotherapist then it is not for me to tell them not to. However, if they are prescribed exercises and not doing them then they need to contact the professional who set them and discuss that as it is better to do something than not at all and it needs to be the right movement for you. With my clinical massage therapy I often show clients some aftercare movements that can help between sessions. I also say to people that the best way to keep moving is to keep moving and keep doing what you enjoy doing if you can.

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