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Health Care Cash Back/Benefits Plans

Healthcare cashback schemes are often available if you are employed. The scheme gets paid into over a 12-month period allowing the beneficiary to reclaim (with specified limits) certain healthcare related costs such as from optical or dental care and it may also include osteopathy or reflexology.

Some providers such as Bupa, Paycare, Medicash and Sovereign all cover reflexology, although they require certain certification levels and/or membership of professional bodies. As a member of the Association of Reflexologists holding a recognised qualification to the National Occupational Standards for reflexology this means my patients may be able to utilise your employee healthcare cashback coverage in order to claim back some of the costs. Please let me know if you wish to do so. I will issue initially with an invoice and once paid will send you a receipt which you can then submit. Please do check with your own provider what the criteria are first.

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