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Keeping junk food at bay whilst studying or working at home

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

If you are working from or studying at home and finding it difficult to keep yourself away from the food you know is best to avoid then here are three easy tips to help:

  1. Move the food around that you always find in a familiar place. This can help disrupt the ritual that you go through before you eat it and make it less likely to trigger certain reward responses. Move it around to different shelves in your cupboards or fridge. The longer it takes to find it the better as this gives you time to reconsider.

  2. Don't buy the food that you know you always regret eating. Instead swap it out with healthier options. When you are shopping for food think of fruit and vegetables that you can chop instead e.g. sliced peppers and make them easy to find first.

  3. When you are searching for food and feeling hungry ask yourself "Am I bored or thirsty instead?" Change it around to disrupt and adjust the behaviour and habit. #healthcoach

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