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Reduce your phthalate exposure if you are trying to conceive

This article gives a good indicator as to what happens when we do not reduce our phthalate exposure. Neurogenesis means nerve generation/growth. The study highlights the issues with phthalate exposure.

If you are trying to conceive or have young children then think carefully about what you are exposing yourself and them to.

Simple steps you can do are:

  • avoid nail polish

  • read the ingredients on your personal care products and swap them over to more health friendly ones

  • use glass and steel containers to store food rather than plastic

  • use ceramic, glass and steel cups to drink from and avoid disposable plastic-coated coffee cups and plastic bottles

  • ventilate your indoor environments really well

  • grow house plants that can help clean the air you breathe in your home

  • get outside on a regular basis into nature

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